• DieSep - 50 ml / 1000 ml

    Securely insulates all models and materials against waxing.

      producator S&S Scheftner
      pret/buc 50 ml= 39,27 lei cu TVA
      pret/buc 1000 ml = 370,09 lei cu TVA
  • IsoWachs - 25 ml

    Excellent water based separating agent for waxes, particularly for dipping wax. Insulates against waxes, plasters and metals. Reaction-free to investing compounds; free of solvents.

      producator S&S Scheftner
      pret/buc = 69,02 lei cu TVA
  • IsoWachs Plus - 100 ml

    Water based extremely effective wax insulation agent. Insulates against waxes, plasters and metals. Also compatible with die Seps, because solvent-free - see also IsoWax.

      producator S&S Scheftner
      pret/buc = 145,18 lei cu TVA

  • FlectoDip - 180 g

    FlectoDip dipping wax produces waxcopings with almost the same positive physical properties as plastic copings. The flexibly elastic material can be practically and perfectly processed, without the least distortion upon removal of the workpiece, or when cutting or scraping. This makes for best fitting and easy adaption of the casted crowns. Suitable for presseable ceramic. Wall strength of copings: approx. 0.4 mm at working temperature of approx. 87 C.

      producator S&S Scheftner
      pret/buc = 139,23 lei cu TVA

  • KratoDip - 180 g

    'Krato Dip' possesses the same positive properties as 'Flecto Dip', but is somewhat harder and is thus similar to the plastic copings. Wall strength of copings: approx. 0.4 mm at working temperature of 87 C.

      producator S&S Scheftner
      pret/buc = 139,23 lei cu TVA

  • StarMod C - 70 g

    A precise cervical wax for the modelling of crown cervical edges.
    -Lowest shrinkage.
    -Non-smearing and non-friable.
    Due to the fact, that cervical wax requires no opaquing ingredients, the cervical edge are better visible and suitable for pressable ceramic. Working temperature: 59 C.

      producator S&S Scheftner
      pret/buc = 77,35 lei cu TVA

  • InlayStar - 70 g

    Special modelling wax for inlay technique requirements. The beige colour shade makes for a harmonious contrast to the model and thus is very pleasant to the eye. Dimension-stable and contraction resistant. Working temperature: 53 C.

      producator S&S Scheftner
      pret/buc = 77,35 lei cu TVA

  • AllroundStar - 70 g

    Allround modelling wax. Extraordinary dimension stability with smallest contraction - right from the construction of exact marginal edgings through to the modelling of the cusps, by the 'drawing' of the wax; possesses excellent scraping properties; AllroundStar wax complies with all dental technician requirements for modelling purposes. AllroundStar wax is available in the 'classic' blue and green colours. The beige and caramel colour shades make a harmonious contrast to the plaster model and are very pleasant to the eye. Working temperature: 55 C.

      producator S&S Scheftner
      pret/buc = 77,35 lei cu TVA

  • StarMod - 70 g

    The ideal modelling wax for gnathological waxing techniques.
    -High degree of stability.
    -Precise wax drawing.
    -Smooth surface results.
    Available in 2 degrees of hardness:
    -hard 57 C.
    -regular 55 C.

      producator S&S Scheftner
      pret/buc = 77,35 lei cu TVA

  • StarMod F / StarMod F Pur - 70 g

    In combination techniques, different demands are made of waxes. When milling, the wax should be hard and there should be no smearing. When scraping on the other hand, the wax should not be too hard. As it is practically impossible to combine both requirements in one wax, we have tailored our milling waxes to the diff erent areas of application.
    -StarMod F = milling and scraping, working temperature: 57 C
    -StarMod F Pure = milling, working temperature: 58 C (harder).

      producator S&S Scheftner
      pret/buc = 83,30 lei cu TVA

  • Diagnostic WaxStar - 70 g

    A wax suitable for aesthetic wax-up and also for pressable ceramic; burns out without leaving traces because of its pure organic composition. Availability in Vitashades A-B-C-D as well as in white, ensures an initial fi tting that already nearly represents the fi nished workpiece. Working temperature 54 C.

      producator S&S Scheftner
      pret/buc = 90,44 lei cu TVA

  • BlockStar - 70 g

    A safe special wax for the blocking-out of undercuts and rough surfacings; superb adherring properties to models and not to the instruments. Can be easily scraped; but not suitable as casting wax.

      producator S&S Scheftner
      pret/buc = 77,35 lei cu TVA

  • Chromowax by Arnold Wohlwend

    Turns your wax patterns into pieces of art! This natural wax concept enables patterns to be waxed up aesthetically for all types of dental technology. These ten waxes, with coordinated colors and quality, provide your wax patterns with natural shades. The final design of the wax pattern can be assessed much better; certain restorations can even be tried in. Chromowax is completely pure and ensures that the wax patterns burn out fully (important for glass-ceramics). Due to its dimensional stability and excellent properties, it can even be used around the margins. The self-supporting wax blocks are mounted on a palette which includes a wiping pad; this allows the wax to be placed on the instrument as required.
    Packaging: Set with 10 waxes and a wiping pad

      producator BENZER-DENTAL AG
      pret = 670.90 lei cu TVA

  • Creawax

    High precision casting wax for high class castings. During the development of Creawax, particular attention was paid to making it as pure as possible and providing it with the lowest possible contraction. This wax burns out completely without affecting the investment material. It exhibits outstanding precision around the margins and is very easily applied and sculpted. The inner surfaces of the patterns are smooth and adapted optimally. Specially selected and filtered raw materials provide for continual high quality.

    Packaging: 60ccm flat tins.
    - green
    - purple
    - opaque beige

      producator BENZER-DENTAL AG
      pret = 101.72 lei cu TVA

  • Neosep

    Heat-resistant, water-soluble separating agent for separating wax from plaster, metal and epoxy resin. This highly effective fluid can be applied in very thin coats and is very resistant to high wax temperatures. Also an ideal separating agent for use with Arnold Wohlwend's porcelain shoulder technique. Once the procedure has been completed, colorless Neosep is easily washed off with water. Will not solubilize lacquers supplied by Benzer.

    Packaging: 30ml bottle with brush

      producator BENZER-DENTAL AG
      pret = 107.57 lei cu TVA

  • Debubblizer & Wax Pattern Cleaner - 100 ml / 1000 ml

    Surface tension releasing agent. Reduces tension on all wax and silicone surfaces for better flowing and adhering of investment and plasters. Degreases and cleanses wax objects before investment. Result: smooth and cavity-free castings.

      producator S&S Scheftner
      pret 100 ml = 47,60 lei cu TVA
      pret 1000 ml = 132,09 lei cu TVA

  • StickyStar - 70 g

    StickyStar adhesive sticks enable better treatment and prevent the distortion of the casting when removing the modelation from the model.

    - round: 3 mm
    - square: 2,5 x 2,5 mm

      producator S&S Scheftner
      pret = 153.51 lei cu TVA

  • SprueStar

    Sprue Star is practically the 'lost head', with the result, that less vorticity occurs in the injected enamel due to the jet form of the injection channel. A continuous treating of the casting is simplified and improved by flooding with the small waxing casting stick. Separation is more simple and saves on metal, as the channel diameter is only 3 mm and the reservoir is absolutely sufficient. Suction bubbles are reliably prevented.

      producator S&S Scheftner
      6 mm - 300 pcs pret = 273,70 lei cu TVA
      8 mm - 155 pcs pret = 164,22 lei cu TVA

  • WireStar Hard - 250 g

    Can be pliantly curved and formed without pinches or cracks. Dimensionally stable and tension-free; ideal for crown- and bridging techniques.
    green : 2.5 mm, 3.0 mm, 3.5 mm, 4.0 mm, 5.0 mm

      producator S&S Scheftner
      pret = 82.11 lei cu TVA

  • GlueStar - 70 g

    Special adhesive wax with extremely strong adhesive properties. Suitable for fixing of dentures, front walls, fracture repairs and in solder models. Because of its extreme hardness, distortion is impossible; can be easily removed e.g. by the use of a steam jet.

      producator S&S Scheftner
      pret = 73,78 lei cu TVA

  • Set-Up Wax - 500 g

    Set-up Wax meets all the requirements of the demanding dental technician on wax plates. It has a high plasticity, does not tear and does not tend to reassume its previous shape when shaping it. It has high adhesive strength without sticking and is easily modelled and cut. Set-up StarWax is available in three different hardnesses (summer/winter) for differing ambient temperatures:
    - summer 1,25 mm,
    - universal 2,00 mm.

      producator S&S Scheftner
      summer 1,25 mm pret = 58,31 lei cu TVA
      universal 2,00 mm pret = 58,31 lei cu TVA

  • Casting WaxStar - 15 plates 75 x 150 mm turquoise

    This casting wax possesses excellent modelling features and tearing resistance; the product adheres securely and without difficulty on the duplicate model. Available in turquoise shade, as well as in a variety of versions.
    - Time-saving and simplifies modelling.
    - Burns off without residue.
    - Excellent properties and tension-free adaption to the model.
    - Precise fitting and faultless casting results.
    - smooth, fine grained, coarse grained, marbelled: 0,30 mm, 0,35 mm, 0,40 mm, 0,50 mm, 0,60 mm

      producator S&S Scheftner
      pret = 74,97 lei cu TVA

  • Lingual bar - 4 x 2 mm/65 g

    Preformed lower jaw bars, drop-shaped.
    - Tension free, easily adaptable to the model
    - Ideal for torsion-free connections
    - No folds and fi ssures when bending

      producator S&S Scheftner
      pret = 77,35 lei cu TVA

  • PartiStar - 70 g

    The model-casting modelling wax is perfectly tailored to the finished wax parts. PartiStar flows nicely and has the same hardness as the finished wax parts. Therefore, seamless transitions are easily realisable. Smoother modelling makes for shorter processing times. Working temperature 52 C.

      producator S&S Scheftner
      pret = 73,78 lei cu TVA

  • WaxStar Retention

    Wax for model casting techniques. Excellent wax quality in the same continuous turquoise shade.
    - Burns of without residue.
    - Stable in form.
    - Tension-free adaptation to the model.
    - Easily recognisable marking.
    - Available in anatomically formed versions.

      producator S&S Scheftner
      pret 20 sheets = 140,42 lei cu TVA
      pret 40 buc = 130,90 lei cu TVA

  • S&S Wax Brush

    For the smoothing of wax modellings and the removal of wax swarf.

      producator S&S Scheftner
      pret = 34,75 lei cu TVA

  • Handy Torch Labo

    The Gas Torch, Handy Torch Labo' is extremely easy to operate, and can be operated hand-held as well as from standing position on a workbench.
    - Automatic 'Piezo' ignition.
    - Flame regulation.
    - Maximum temperature: 1300 C.

      producator S&S Scheftner
      pret = 822,29 lei cu TVA

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