iCAM V4.6 - Unlimited possibilities with precision!

    . creare de fisiere STL pentru toate tipurile de masini de frezare CAD/CAM
    . se pot importa toate tipurile de fisiere STL
    . optimizarea inaltimii lucrarilor automat
    . creare fisiere pentru lucrarile cu doua axe de insertie
    . procesarea blank-urilor din Polyacril
    . posibilitatea folosirii ringului nonius pentru optimizarea materialului si costurilor.
    . detectarea automata a gaurii de frezare pentru abutmenturi
    . integrare si procesarea tuturor tipurilor de blocuri ceramice
    . procesare abutmenturi cu geometrii speciale
    . procesarea puntilor pe implante cu insertii divergente
    . optional: PC performant, inclus mouse&tastatura, monitor 22''

    CORiTEC iCAM V4 is a highly reputable 5-axes Profi-CAM-System which matured out of many years of development. Its easy, fast and safe handling makes iCAM V4.6 unique. It is the perfect user software for the automated fabrication of high end dental restorations.

    It calculates the milling data in a very short time referring to optimized and safe milling strategies developed in 8 years of constant improvements for all kind of dental constructions and materials.Menu guided user interface and easy to operate surfaces as well as many fully automated functions are resulting in a reliable and simple operation. iCAM V4.6 guides the beginner and expert automatically and safely through the entire milling program. In the background of the dental frontend a German, full industrial CAD/CAM-System with over 25 years of experience is working. The open CAD/CAM-Software is used for professional constructions and manufacturing by over 4000 users in the industrial and medical field which can be fully used by the operator.

    Take your chance and free yourself from your current license fees and your actually closed CAM-System!

    Update your existing isyCAM 3.2 or iCAM V3 cost-efficient and enhance your productivity with the following possibilities:

  • complete open CAM-System without a commitment to a material distributer
  • no annual fees at an unlimited run-time ("dongle-free")
  • very easy operation with a short start-up period
  • suitable for 3-, 4- und 5-axes machines
  • grinding of glass ceramics and lithium disilicate blocks. With an upgrade also available for existing machines (4820, 3020, 450i etc.)

  • enhancement of the functions of a 4-axes machine through the usage of the Nonius-quick-release ring from imes-icore. Therefore it is possible to change a blank without removing the present six ring screws. Additionally it is possible to freely rotate a height optimized or 3+1 work.
  • processing of the CORiTEC CrCo pearl material on all originally produced milling machines by imes-icore, i.e. 340i, 440i, 2100, 4030... (in preparation)
  • milling of works with two insert directions/undercuts on all 4-axes machines (3+1)

  • milling data calculation with up to 5 axes

  • import and free alignment of any STL files
  • automated preparation line detection
  • fine-finishing-strategies down to a tool diameter of 0,6mm
  • insertion of the batch number, manufacturer and material into the database
  • percental indication of usage of the blanks
  • creation/copying/changing of own milling strategies
  • automated borehole detection on abutment constructions
  • automated height optimization to save material
  • optimized milling strategies that are up to 30% faster than in the previous version.

  • Additionally a higher surface quality will be reached :

  • milling of teeth models and removables (in preparation)
  • automated detection and indication of undercuts
  • complete or partial cutting of free definable bars/connectors
  • optimization of the milling direction on in- and outside
  • feature "engrave" to clearly mark or personalize jobs
  • usage of up to 8 CPU cores to speed up the calculation time of milling data!
  • simulation of the milling process incl. collision control

  • Masini de frezat CAD/CAM producator imes-icore Germania

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