color liquid / air dryer

    Color liquid CORiSHADE

    CORiSHADE is a ready-to-use water based color liquid and usable for all CORiTEC Zirconiumdioxid frameworks.

  • dipping time of only 2-5 minutes
  • very high color fidelity
  • uniform coloring
  • no fixing liquid necessary
  • no use of liners necessary
  • available in 16 color A, B, C and D
  • storage life for over 2 years
  • big 150ml bottles for each color
  • Air dryer CORiDRY

    The air dryer CORiDRY gives a consistent and fast drying to the colored Zirconium frameworks due to a circulating air flow. The device is easy to use and CE-certified.

  • no staining through consistent drying
  • no pre-drying inside the sinter furnace necessary to reduce the abrasion of the heating elements
  • rollable cable for space saving storage of the device
  • CE-certified
  • 230V / 50Hz

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